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USES massage gun to improve performance on the basketball court

by:XFITONWAY      2020-11-19
But in addition to practice skills, pay attention to own body condition and adjustment is also important! For example, many professional players before the game will use fascia gun, massage for a particular muscle group, induce nerve, wake up the muscles, keeping the muscle elasticity and softness in the best condition, not only help to relieve tension, more can let the players on the pitch have good play! Therefore, in recent years, as the 'fascia gun' of many men who love to play basketball rather focus on tools, however the fascia gun category is very much on market, appearance, function and price of each has his strong point. Whether to choose what kind of fascia gun to take home, buy home then how to use? Before and after playing basketball should be how to use the fascia gun? What place can get? Use what matters needing attention, etc. , to tell you.
q: for basketball fans, how to use the fascia when playing the gun to help you improve performance on the basketball court?
a: you can before the movement after exercise, the interval time using fascia gun relax too tight muscles.
q: how do play before and after the use fascia gun to help relax?
a: you can use to relax its tight muscle fascia gun, (playing methods as follows: 1, find the location of the target muscle and to 2, first by the close to the body center of proximal to distal slow slide over the past three, in case of (can be a short stay for 10 - 20 seconds to play before and after the difference between using fascia gun [ Length of time] , it can release 1 - before playing 2 minutes, to activate the muscles. Can get a 3 - after playing 4 minutes to cool too tense muscles. Play if you feel the muscle especially tight, also can play 1 - 2 minutes to tone up a little temper, avoid playing too long lead to muscle weakness. To relax tense muscles do is the true sense of warm up and stretch.
q: when playing basketball, often need to relax the muscle group what?
a: we are divided into [ Upper limb muscles] And [ Lower limb muscle group] , the upper limb muscles: dribble shot against use later to body, such as the triceps, deltoid, core shaft sma, etc. ; Lower limb muscle group: jump, turn-back use later to move back and forth, such as leg quadriceps muscle group, after leg outreach adduction muscle group, hip muscles, diameter before crus muscle soleus calf muscles, etc.
q: when you don't play at ordinary times, how to use the fascia gun to help relax massage?
a: in [ The right way to release from different parts of the body] We will fascia gun role in different parts of the body massage method are introduced in detail, interested can go and see. If no play at ordinary times, also can relax tense muscles, because in addition to play, life there are too many bad living habits will make our body accustomed to using specific muscles, or friends in fitness, also can use in life last fascia gun to help your muscles relax! Q: when using the fascia gun a: considerations and taboos fascia gun can massage to relax muscle, bone and joint is relatively vulnerable parts, please avoid to use. If there is abnormal muscular pains, suffered acute inflammation or injury ( Such as strain) Please avoid to use. Avoid excessive use of '' cause muscle inflammation. Same parts do not recommend the use of more than 5 minutes. Can relax the muscle fascia gun, there is no way to replace treatment, such as physical discomfort, please be sure to find a professional therapist evaluation consultation.
q: playing basketball hit half leg cramps, whether also can use fascia gun help restore? A: yes. Stretch cramping muscle cramps must first through the extend, to cramp faded to fascia gun to relax the muscles again after is the right way!
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