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The harm of massage gun: buy or use of the term

by:XFITONWAY      2020-11-19
After the movement, will be tired, in addition to muscle soreness may occur. In recent years, more and more on market massage gun, claims to help relax your muscles. USES massage gun today to say this kind of product to pay attention to matters. The appearance of partial massage gun look much like a drill or a hair dryer, massage gun suit in addition to the fuselage, and massage head, some models will provide more than a massage head, enclose the charger. Some models can be set-up massage intensity or frequency of vibration. Some models with the phone app for users to download can watch operation after the demonstration. 1. Pay attention to the position of use: massage gun vibration frequency of the high and strong strength, used in relatively large muscle suit to, such as the thighs, hips, lower back and legs, etc. , should avoid to bones, joints and ligaments, because may hurt nearly spinal muscles ( For example on trapezius muscle) , bony, blood vessels, especially the anterior portion of the blood vessels, massage that may will transmit the vibration to the brain, so it is important to pay special attention to, in addition, such as vibration leading position, strength can cause harm to the neck or skull is too heavy. Holding massage gun down hand backward, also has the certain difficulty to be on the safe side, by others to holding massage gun best massage your back. 2. Massage time pay attention to item: massage guns have different setting is mainly aiming at the need of using home and, in general, slow massage or vibration to achieve the effect of muscle relaxation. Because the muscle size and age will affect the required strength, therefore suggest that consumers should choose adjustment dynamics models. Before the use should first learn how to set-up the strength and frequency of the massage gun, such as massage time should be controlled in 20 to 60 seconds. The same location of the massage time should not be too long or too short, each big muscle massage for 3 to 5 minutes is enough, for example the thigh muscle after about 5 minutes, and your feet combined the applicable parts of about 15 minutes. 3. Note: before buying massage gun should be considered will clear a large number of high-intensity exercise and often feel muscle soreness. If the general situation just for light exercise and fewer opportunities taut muscle soreness, brace and hand massage has been able to achieve the role of muscle relaxation. Massage gun vibration when the sound, coupled with high vibration frequency and strength, the consumer is when the trial should be paying attention to whether or not the voice of the massage gun can accept that. If there are children at home, do not put massage gun close to the location of the children easily, because of the massage gun has a certain degree of risk for children.
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